Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Are You Lovable?

Are you lovable? A simple question a lot of us adults avoid because we can't grapple with what being "lovable" is. Why be lovable anyway? Being lovable is desirable because by becoming more lovable you can develop better and more enriching relationships.

Most of us like kids and babies. They are totally adorable and lovable. They have a lot of the traits we think of when we think of the word and image "lovable". What if we could adopt some of those traits and use them to increase our attraction to other people we want to attract as prospective partners?

Being able to be free of negative emotions, trusting others until they prove themselves not trustworthy, being patient, smiling, avoiding putting up defenses when approached by others; a lot of these are traits when can learn to make ourselves more lovable. A lot of this is actually part of the process of developing self growth in the area of interacting with other people. Yet it is this simple process that if you can learn, you could set yourself up for obtaining more desirable and long term romantic encounters.

Do you see the world this way? Or do you believe there is more to becoming a greater loving individual? Your thoughts and opinions matter so feel free to chime in! Be sure to take part in the poll we are conducting and let us hear your opinion!

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