Saturday, February 27, 2010

Love Values: Your Best Personal Growth With Romantic Partners

Sharing is the life blood of any love relationship. Common values always makes loving each other easier and takes the pressure off making your relationship grow. Compassion, trust, relationship honesty and passion can help you reach your best personal growth. That being said, do you and your romantic partner share the same values in common with each other? 

The path you take in answering that question determines your dealings and interaction with your romantic partner. A good example is how honest you think you should be in revealing things to your partner. If you have a partner that thinks you should never lie, even about the smallest things in a relationship, that may be cause for conflict in the future and harm your relationship. Differences in issues such as this are called value conflicts. A good way to overcome value conflicts is open communication and dialogue. Mate compatibility is increased when you have a good communication system between you that resolves value conflicts.

Your feelings toward your mate and the love attraction you feel can be confused with whether you share values with your romantic partner. To avoid this, focus on your best personal growth and evaluate the values you share with the other person. Attraction aside, your best chance for long term success rests on accentuating the positive values you both share. 

At the beginning of the relationship, enjoy the glow of attraction but do not use it as a basis as to whether you should continue the relationship. Your best personal growth will come when you look hard at what value you will get out of the love relationship. If your mate compatibility with this person is low because there is few or no values you both share with each other, cut your losses early and move on. On the other hand, if there is real value in the relationship, build it through trust and communication. Values are what make relationships grow. Accentuate love values in your romantic relationship and increase your relationship honesty with your partner and watch your love blossom and grow.

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